The Chase

The Chase (The Marechal Chronicles #4)The Chase by Aimélie Aames
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG What a cliffhanger! Love this series!

Melisse and the Marachel have parted ways as the story continues after the last installment in the Marechal Chronicles. Melisse continues on her way across the mountains and the Marechal is drowning his sorrows in cheap wine after she leaves him with a broken heart.

Melisse crosses paths with an elderly gypsy woman that reveals the path that she must take and answers to questions about the past she runs from. At the heart of all the mysteries contained in the chronicles is the mysterious Alchemist's Tower that is surrounded by a ring of doom. All the while is the trouble brewing in the home of the Estrils, beings of flame and light. All these threads have been delicately woven together in an erotic world with deliciously sexy characters.

I love the world that has been built complete with magic and other wordly beings as well as witches and beings of darkness. An awesome series, complete with a cliffhanger that makes you say Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! I need answers! I can hardly wait to continue.

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